Tracking bugs can be fun and also helps learn a lot about software.

Here are some prominent e-insects I have helped to nail down:

Comptel EventLink is a proprietary product and its bug tracker is not public, so no links can be provided:

  • CMDL-1920: Business Logic Tool GUI Misbehaviours with Internet Explorer 9
  • CMDL-1921: Discrepancy between Business Logic Tool docs and parser behaviour for function matchmulti()
  • CMDL-1948: Analysis element in Business Logic Tool node cannot access subrecords if more than one record types are processed
  • CMDL-1939: Installer script may corrupt config files on systems if interrupted with multiple Ctrl+C
  • CMDL-1940: Installer script may encrypt passwords even if the option to encrypt them is not set on certain versions of HP-UX
  • CMDL-1958: tools.pl fails to report version

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