Подземните градове на Кападокия

Белите варовикови скали на Кападокия крият богатства не само над земята, но и под нея. Под схлупени, неугледни селца се простират километри наред подземни галерии, достигащи 6-8 етажа: със сложна вентилационна система и специална решения за блокиране на проходите. Укрития при война? Бедствия? От кого? И кой? Нито един от тези въпроси няма отговор. Стотиците помещения са празни и няма нищо, което да може да бъде датирано с достоверност. Никой не знае дори броя на тези подземни градове; някои къщи имат зазидани входове към тях в мазетата си без собствениците им даже да подозират… Continue reading

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Poor Man’s Private VLAN

In the packet switching theory there is a wonderful thing called private VLAN. It allows you to have a VLAN (meaning: a single L3 domain) in which the clients cannot talk to each other, but only to one designated uplink port. If you provide network access to different customers and need to keep them separate while still using a common IP address space, this an excellent way to do it… with only one drawback: many cheap switches which support 802.1q VLANs have never heard of private VLANs. The latter is true even for not-so-cheap switches from brand-name manufacturers, which add this feature only to their mid-range devices. So, is there a way out? Yes, there is. In fact you can perfectly simulate private VLANs even if your switch does not support them. Here’s the secret that can save you a pile of money. Continue reading

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Euclidus Screensaver in OpenGL

This is a pure OpenGL implementation of the Euclidus screen-saver originally designed and implemented by Artemy Lebedev Studio (see the link for a live demo).

Unfortunately, they only offer Windows and OS X builds of this sleek screen-saver. Really wanting to see their cool design on my Linux desktop – and to practice a bit my OpenGL skills – that I decied to re-implement it from scratch… and voila, here it is. Continue reading

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