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PowerShell Cmdlet for sudo

This is a PowerShell cmdlet for adding sudoRule entries to a Windows Active Directory. If you have extended your Windows AD schema to implement sudo ACL, use this cmdlet to easily add records from command line. It will add sudoRole … Continue reading

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Крепостта над Дубровник

Навърха на високия, стръмен хълм Срдж над Дубровник се издига застрашително военно укрепление. Построено преди няколко века, дебелите му стени и мрачните му килии помнят всички епични боеве на последните три столетия – от Наполеоновото нашествие до жестоката 9-месечната блокада … Continue reading

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Sunday school of cool programming: client multiplexing server

Lately I encountered an unusual architecture which asked for some unusual software design. We needed a service which will aggregate the output of arbitrary number of clients with each client doing its part of a larger job. The tricky requirement … Continue reading

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