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This is a MATE panel applet to let stay up to date with the football scores from around the world. Enjoy notifications about each match beginning, half-time and ending plus upon each goal scored (select only your favourite football leagues to be notified about) — or watch the scores change in front of your eyes with the dedicated live score window you can open from the applet. Separate ‘goal flow’ window is provided!

The applet can be build on both MATE and legacy GNOME2 (RHEL 6 and derivatives like CentOS, SL etc.). RPM files for Fedora 19 and RHEL 6 are provided below.


To install from source (download link below):

./configure && make && make install

To build an RPM:

./configure && make && make rpm

When installed, right-click the panel, chose “Add to Panel” and select “Livescore” from the list.


When the applet starts, it will contact the default feed provider and download all games – these that are currently in progress, these that have recently completed and those that will begin in the next few hours.

It will then periodically check for changes and display a notification when:

  • A game commences
  • A goal is scored
  • Half time is reached
  • Game ends

To get notification you need to select which leagues to be notified about: right-click the applet, chose Settings and then select your favourite leagues. At the first time it may be that some leagues are not shown – this is because there are no current, pending or recently completed matches in them; just be patient and revisit the settings on a day when there is a game (a weekend is always a good time). Once you have selected a league, it will remain checked on the list.

To check all current and recent scores plus pending games, left-click the applet and window will open; then just expand the desired league. Only leagues having matches will be shown. Starting times for future games should be in your local time.

If you leave a league expanded, it will also be expanded the next time you open the window (provided there are matches in it of course). All leagues which have been expanded at the time you log out or restart the computer will also go to the top of the list next time.

If you leave the applet running long enough, you’ll see that it removes from the list all games approximately one day after they complete and adds new games approximately one day before they begin.


Real time sports scores are big business, so nobody is willing to give out his data. Ideally, the applet should use a source of data in machine-readable format (JSON, RSS, XML…).  Unfortunately, I was not able to find any service which will provide such data free of charge.  The applet now has to parse web pages, which inevitably makes it susceptible to errors on every change of the page layout. If you know of any good source of machine-readable live score that is available for free (even in the expense of viewing ads), please, let me know.


Yes, you can write your very own data (feed) provider. You just need to compile it as shared library and put it in LIBDIR/mate-applet-livescore directory. See the README file in the distribution on details.


Download current version:

Older versions (of archaeological interest only):

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