Mozart Musical Dice Game for Android

This is an AndroidTM programme to generate random waltz theme following Mozart’s Musical Dice Game (Musikalisches Würfelspiel).

Each waltz consist of two parts: a minuet (16 bars of music) and a trio (another 16 bars). Mozart wrote a total of 272 pieces which get randomly combined to produce an unique piece of music every time (originally combination was obtained using dice roll, hence the name).


Android Java coding: Assen Totin.

MIDI processing library: Alex Leffelman’s android-midi-lib with small additions.

MIDI visualization library: based on Madhav Vaidyanathan’s MidiSheetMusic.

Original score and tables of combination: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791).

MIDI files originally found at Steven Goodwin’s midilib, further processed to remove unneeded gaps in the beginning of each file which makes concatenation easier.


The total number of possible combinations is approx. 295,147,905,200,000,000,000. To listen to all of them you’ll need about 561,544,720,700,000 years. As a comparison, our Universe is only 13,750,000,000 years old, which means you’ll need about 40,000 times more time than has elapsed since the Big Bang: truly a music for the eternity!


Get it on Google Play


To get the full sources you’ll need to check out 3 separate projects (the Alex Leffelman’s library is packed as an Andoroid project because of this bug):

All of them are Eclipse projects – check them out in a single workspace. MMDG should list the two others as required Android Libraries.

Note: Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

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