LAN Management Suit (Next Generation)

Everything you have in LAN Management Suit plus:

  • Client-server deployment allowing unlimited number of gateways (potentially with different types of networks behind them, like cable, LAN, ADSL etc.).
  • Improved monitoring with preemptive analysis and early warning for possible future failures.
  • Equipment (CPE) inventory with automated contract generation.
  • Up to 32 levels of access for different operators, allowing virtual operators or networks to co-exist on the system.
  • Per-level instruction available for download.
  • Extended search capabilities
  • Ticketing Module with custom groups of operators and custom groups of problems, problem ranking, per-operator reporting etc.
  • Upstream Escalation Module with email notifications to upstream (physical network) providers for truly virtual operators.
  • On-Site Support Module with separate timetable and tasks for each technician, email reminders, reporting etc.
  • Phone Support Module with shift management, replacements, reporting etc.
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