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Inquisition Museum in Seville – seems it is a brand new museum as not only Lonely Planet 2010 Andalucia guide (6th Edition) lacks information about it, but also most of the magazine-like monthly city guides available in hotels. However, one of them revealed its location: on the Triana side of Puente Isabele II, inside the remains of Castel San Jorge. The ad was promising – two floors, three separate parts of the exhibition including real medieval trial scenery, all this with strong accent on humanity and other contemporary virtues. However, I could not verify it for myself: the booklet claimed the museum is open every day from 11 to 18:30, but the door sign said it only works from 10 to 14 (alas, it was 14:30 on my last day in Seville). If it is even as half good as claimed, it probably deserves a listing with Lonely Planet.

The Torre del Oro museum in Seville seems to have longer opening hours than your guide says – it closes at 17:30, not at 14; surely a nice thing as more people will be able to enjoy it. The rooftop mirador is (wisely) surrounded with 2-meter high glass panels, but there is a small staircase on the facade with leads few meters higher (to the flag stock) – and there is an excellent spot to take photos undisturbed by the glass.

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