In Vain

Lost dreams, where are you? Come and grab my soul,
tear it, twist it, spread it overall
till taste of water turns to taste of blood –
so sweet, so bitter. Who said it’s enough
to search, to know or even to expect
tomorrow’s call with patience an respect?
It was not me. And I will not obey
unwritten laws of fate that order ‘Stay!‘;
Forbidden fruits are longer no insane,
’cause night without you is a night in vain.

Lost days, where are you? Come and join my path,
enjoy my travel from the future to the past
by lakes of feelings, deserts of unrest
where in the shell of worst sometimes you find the best –
or just the worst. Discover stones of pain
that melt under the joyful, happy rain
of laugh. Your laugh. And see the forest deep
where, waiting for the last unconscious sleep,
my holy shadows play their vicious game…
‘Cause life without you is a life in vain.

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