TNEF Plugin for Evolution

This is a plugin for Evolution (email reader software) to handle TNEF attachments.

It is based on a demonstration code, written by NotZed . It uses the ytnef binary as external programme to parse TNEF attachments and reveal their contents in the main mail view.


Note to users: I am aware that this approach is not the best from both performance and security point of view. It will be much better to use the libytnef library instead. Moreover, Evolution ships a TNEF plugin in the sources; it is probably better written than this one. If you build your system from source (Gentoo, LFS etc.) or just Evolution from source, please, use their original code. To my regret, Fedora misses that plugin (or excludes it deliberately, I don’t know) — and I needed something which should be both working and easy to add to Fedora every time a new release pops up.

Note to builders: There is some hard-coded stuff in the headers, Makefile and spec file. I’m lazy enough not to write an autoconf, although probably I should. I haven’t done so because I still hope that Fedora guys will someday start shipping the TNEF plugin from Evolution. If you run something other than F14 i686, take a look inside and modify it as needed. To compile you’ll need some packages which can most easily be obtained with the following commands (run them as root):

yum groupinstall "Development Tools"
yum install evolution-devel evolution-data-server-devel gdk-pixbuf2-devel nspr-devel
yum install ytnef

Disclaimer: This programme should compile and install on all versions of Fedora 14; however, since I strongly dislike x86_64, I have only tested it on i686. Moreover, the fact it works for me does not guarantee it will work for you. Also, this programme is free software. Feel free to use it, modify it and distribute it. Full license is given in COPYING file.


Download current version (Evolution 2.32, Fedora 14): tnef-plugin-0.0.4.tar.gz

Older versions (of archaeological interest only):

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