Personal Search Engine

Personal Search Engine (PSE) is a tool that allows a webmaster or developer relatively easy add a local search engine to an existing web site.

Currently, PSE can be used with Latin charset (iso-8859-1) and with Cyrillic charset (windows-1251). Using other charsets may require your intervention directly into the source.

PSE uses a number of versatile techniques to index the web site into a database and then deliver adequate references to a query, consisting of one or several keywords. PSE now offers ranking of each match. Ranking is done on per-query basis and can be between 1 and 100%. Results are displayed on several pages.

PSE can be added to multiple virtual hosts residing on the same physical server without any interference between different virtual hosts.

PSE comes with a basic web page template, which can be modified to best fit your needs.

For installation and configuration details, see the INSTALL file.

For version history, see the CHANGES file.

This software is released with hope that it will be useful, but with no warranty of any type at all. Use it at your own risk. You are free to distribute it as well as to modify it as long as you preserve the original code. See LICENSE file for details.

A list of planned, but still pending features, is in the TODO file.


Download current version: pse-0.3.tar.gz

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