Euclidus Screensaver in OpenGL

This is a pure OpenGL implementation of the Euclidus screen-saver originally designed and implemented by Artemy Lebedev Studio (see the link for a live demo).

Unfortunately, they only offer Windows and OS X builds of this sleek screen-saver. Really wanting to see their cool design on my Linux desktop – and to practice a bit my OpenGL skills – that I decided to re-implement it from scratch… and voila, here it is.

Code and math is pure C, rendering is pure OpenGL. To make it more or less cross-platform, it uses GTK+ for window controls (with OpenGL binding for it) – meaning it should (compile and) run in any GTK-based desktop environment, either GTK-2 or GTK-3 (GNOME 2 or 3, MATE, Xfce). No OS dependencies aside from POSIX, so it should fit on any UNIX. The binary code should run both in GNOME Screensaver (on GNOME 2), MATE Screensaver (on MATE) or X Screensaver (GNOME 3, Xfce).


The code provided here is licensed under GNU GPL ver. 2. However, this does not cover the graphic design itself. I asked explicit permission from the author to use the design with my code (email dated Aug 4, 2014 to company’s owner), but received no reply. From my perspective this means that you can probably use the screensaver for your personal entertainment, but not distribute it. If in doubt, try to contact the author of the original concept (their web site seems to be in Russian only – if you can’t find their public email, drop me a line here and I’ll send it to you). Note that integral part of the design is the company logo, which is also copyrighted and should not be replaced unless permission to modify the design is obtained.


./configure && make && make install


Previous versions:

Source code: mate-screensaver-euclidus-1.0.tar.gz

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