Uptime Applet

This is a MATE panel applet which will do one simple thing for you – show you the uptime of the machine.

While it does not sound a big thing, it can be handy, especially if you have to constantly switch different desktops – and the uptime is an easy mask on when the given machine was last restrated.

The applet allows several output formats; you can chose your by right-clicking the applet and selecting the Preferences menu.

The applet was written following the ideas of (and was heavily tested by) Mr. Páder Rezső (Hungary).


To install from source (download link below):

./configure && make && make install

To build an RPM:

./configure && make && make rpm

When installed, right-click the panel, chose „Add to Panel“ and select „Uptime“ from the list.


The applet will update its uptime roughly once a minute. A hint with the full uptime string is displayed if you point at it with the mouse.


Download current version:

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  1. rezso says:

    Thank you!

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