VBS 3.0 Released!

Voody Blue Subtitler ver. 3.0 is out in the wild!

A major new release with tons of new features, including support for Windows, for GStreamer (video playback), for GTK+ 3.x, internationalization and more:

  • Support for GTK3 as well as GTK2, choice will be made at compile time. If both are available, GTK3 will be used unless GTK2 is forced with the –enable-gtk=2 configure options.
  • Support for GStreamer for video playback. By default, if GStreamer is available, support for it will be built and also for MPlayer. To compile only one of them, use the –enable-backend={mplayer,gstreamer} configuration option.
  • Support for multiple video output methods for GStreamer – X11 (ximagesink), Xv (xvimagesink), SLD (sdlvideosink), Auto (autovideosink).Windows support, cross-compiled in Linux using MinGW. The Windows build has few limitations: vbsd is not available; GTK-2 only is supported (no GTK-3 yet); GStreamer is the only player supported (no MPLayer).
  • Support for i18n via gettext. Provided translations for Bulgarian, Russian, English. Also added i18n support for help: DocBoox for GNOME (yelp), CHM for Windows and plain text for GTK-only.
  • vbss improvements: font family & face selection, font colour and background selection, font justification selection (all via vbsc).
  • vbsd now can be started by a System V init or by systemd. Proper startup scripts are provided.
  • vbsm now has a progress bar update configuration option.
  • vbss now has subtitle update configuration option (config file only, not via vbsc).
  • Full autoconf support, automake now also supported.

More information and downloads

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