PowerShell Cmdlet for sudo

This is a PowerShell cmdlet for adding sudoRule entries to a Windows Active Directory.

If you have extended your Windows AD schema to implement sudo ACL, use this cmdlet to easily add records from command line. It will add sudoRole entries to an existing OU=sudoers in the Windows AD. For direct download of a Windows installer, see bottom of page.


Add-SudoRule -SudoUser [-SudoHost] [-SudoCommand] [-SudoName] [-Verbose]


  • SudoUser: the username or group name (group names must begin wit the percent sign %).
  • SudoHost: the host to which the ACL entry applies (default: ALL).
  • SudoCommand: the commands to execute with elevated privileges (default: /bin/bash)
  • SudoName: the name of the AD object (default: <SudoUser>-bash; the percent sign from group name will be stripped here)
  • Verbose: receive verbose output (default: on success no output is given)


You can easily build and install this cmdlet without the need for Visual Studio, NuGet or any other complex tool. You only need .NET (version as old as 3.5 will do it) and to download a library package from Microsoft’s website.


  • Get the source code: https://github.com/assen-totin/powershell-sudorule
  • Check the version of PowerShell: $PSVersionTable.PSVersion
  • Get System.Management.Automation.dll which matches the PowerShell version. Official packages are here (replace 4 with your PowerShell version, e.g. 3 or 5): https://az320820.vo.msecnd.net/packages/microsoft.powershell.4.referenceassemblies.1.0.0.nupkg
  • To extract the package, rename it to .zip, then unpack wherever you like.


  • Check the version of .NET your PowerShell uses: $PSVersionTable.CLRVersion
  • To compile, use csc.exe from the .NET version which PowerShell uses. The following example is for .NET 4.0 build 30319:
C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\csc.exe /t:library /reference:c:\path\to\extracted\dll\System.Management.Automation.dll /out:AddSudoRuleCmdlet.dll AddSudoRuleCmdlet.cs


To import the DLL you have just created: Import-Module AddSudoRuleCmdlet.dll


You can use the provided NSIS script to build a GUI installer with your DLL. NSIS is available for Windows and Linux, see http://nsis.sourceforge.net (on Linux, be sure to check with your distro first):

  • Place the built DLL inside the AddSudoRuleCmdlet directory where the manifest AddSudoRuleCmdlet.psd1 is.
  • From the top level directory of the repo, call makensis AddSudoRuleCmdlet.nsis.


Download a Windows installer with the cmdlet: AddSudoRuleCmdlet.exe


  • This is a ZIP file. Extract the EXE installer from it.
  • System requirements: 64-bit Windows, .NET version 4, PowerShell version 4 (e.g., Windows Server 2012R2).
  • The Windows machine must be an AD domain member. If the machine is not a Domain Controller, it must have RSAT installed.
  • Installation must be carried by a user with Administrator privileges.
  • The installation goes to a local directory. You must install the cmdlet on each machine you intend to use if (even if installing on replicated Domain Controller).
  • Using the cmdlet requires Administrator privileges over the AD domain.
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